IMOGGA Connect, Planner and Layout Design have been designed specifically to work together: Connect is in charge of the real-time collection of data that are then processed by the other layers. Based on SIMOGGA Connect’s analysis, SIMOGGA Planner will suggest different timing reorganization possibilities whereas SIMOGGA Layout Design will help you to test and challenge and decide on alternative layout organisations.

simogga all in one

  • Visualize and optimize thanks to SIMOGGA Layout Design
  • Quantify, planify and optimize with SIMOGGA Planner
  • Monitor, streamline and automate using SIMOGGA Connect
  • Unlock maximum potential by combining all three tools with SIMOGGA All-In-One

The advantage of buying the All-in-One solution is the opportunity to completely manage the visualization, quantification and optimisation of your operations. With the three SIMOGGA solutions combined, the user will be able to follow up on all the steps of the production process and to promptly react to any changes.

All the features of each SIMOGGA solution can be grouped and displayed through a common interface.

  • A new layout defined in SIMOGGA Layout Design for the long term will be validated by SIMOGGA Planner on the short term
  • SIMOGGA Planner uses the real distances and transportation times computed by SIMOGGA Layout Design

SIMOGGA Layout Design works with real data provided by SIMOGGA Connect

  1. Automatically collect the data for SIMOGGA Layout Design and SIMOGGA Planner through SIMOGGA Connect
  2. Handle and analyze different layouts and choose the most efficient ones in SIMOGGA Layout Design.
  3. Make a scheduling with SIMOGGA Planner using the data from the chosen layout (distance, time).
  4. Readapt the layout of SIMOGGA Layout Design based on the SIMOGGA Planner results.
  5. React to any issue reported through SIMOGGA Connect by rescheduling the production or reorganizing the layout of the factory

SIMOGGA is based on Qt framework and has been tested on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 10, x86-32 and x64
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1, x86-32 and x64
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, x86-32 and x64
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, x86-32 and x64
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.9 (Maverick) or later, Universal

SIMOGGA may also be installed on other platforms not included in this list (such as other Mac OS or Windows distributions), but we cannot guarantee its full platform compatibility.
SIMOGGA installation requires 300MB of free disk space. We recommend to have 4GB of memory and modern processor for optimal performance. Mouse is typically preferable to touchpad for graphical editing.

Tutorial of the three SIMOGGA solutions

If you want to have more information or to understand how to fully resolve a case with SIMOGGA we invite you to watch our video tutorials. In the showcased video we describe the process used to design the factory and to reorganize the layout in the most optimal way. We also show the numerous options available to analyze your production and to enhance the overall workflow of your plant.

Licensing information?

Multiple types of license are available (fixed, floating, renting by jetton or period). If you want more information about one of these options and if you are interested in taking advantage of our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or by phone. We will be please to talk with you on how we could help.

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