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AMIA’s Flyers

AMIA’s Flyers

simogga optimising factory organisation

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AMIA Systems is a operational excellence company and the culmination of 15 years of in-depth research. We delivers solutions applying material-flow optimization through Lean methods, such as the cellular manufacturing.

Our mission is to help our customers be more reactive to market demand by facilitating the process of strategic change.

Our Lean approach through SIMOGGA Solutions
Simogga layout design

SIMOGGA Layout Design

A graphical material handling software system, enabling all the actors in the factory to reorganize their factory layout based on a global material flow analysis using only a small amount of data.

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Design and optimize factory layout
Simogga planner


A graphical material handling software system aimed at providing a detailed schedule of the production by taking each constraint and specificity of the factory into account.

SIMOGGA Planner: factory planning
Simogga planner

SIMOGGA Analytics

An optimization module for warehouses to visualize the historical picking lines (flows, efficiency, arduousness) to find and quantify the potential of improvements (layout, product locations, picking strategy)

SIMOGGA Analytics: Warehouse optimization
simmoga brochure

AMIA Triptique

SIMOGGA, an innovating graphical material handling system to optimize a factory layout design based on a global flow analysis. SIMOGGA relies on an optimisation core from 10 years of intensive research in cellular manufacturing and an intelligent user interface. The SIMOGGA has been developed in cooperation with major manufacturers as SONACA, DAF Trucks, T.D.Williamson, Eurocopter…