Optimizing factory organization

AMIA Systems has developed its own software to visualize, quantify and optimize the production and maintenance sites. SIMOGGA simplifies the reorganization processes and the operational management of the production flows

We help industrial companies to be more market-responsive


A graphical LEAN tool to visualize, quantify and optimize factory layout design based on global flow analysis

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 A simulation module to offer a global view of the planning and scheduling (finite capacity), to manage resources and remove bottlenecks

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A visual simulator to analyze your data, give a visual representation and guide you to optimize the warehouse

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The LEAN process with SIMOGGA

Step 1: Visualize


Simply visualize flows, factory layouts, and planning setups to validate data, resources, and processes in the entire plant

Step 2: Analyze


Analyze flows by using spaghetti diagrams which permit a global analysis to be performed by using filters and tools that help to decrease the complexity in a plant and allows for immediate problem assessments through customized KPIs

Step 3: Create


Create multiple scenarios guided by proposed optimization or manually build out of the box solutions which takes into account the knowledge from the field

Step 4: Evaluate


Evaluate different solutions through planning simulations and create dynamic Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to reduce wastes your processes

Step 5: Decide


Compare and Decide together as a team and pick solutions that are suitable and beneficial for the company’s capacities and restrictions

Step 6: Collaborate


Continue to collaborate with each other throughout the continuous improvement process with SIMOGGA Solutions

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