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Visualizing, quantifying and optimizing flows and processes within a factory in digital ways are catalysts for change and a very efficient way to pave the road to transformation. Nevertheless, planning alone does not lead to change. It takes blood, sweat and tears, behavioral adaptations, consensus building and most importantly, the ability to put the theory into practice.

By successfully achieving considerable transformations for our clients all the while using our software, we gained the necessary experience in project implementation as well as project and change management to develop our consulting and training activities.


Our consulting experience has been built up throughout all the different transformation projects that we developed together with our partners in order to improve their production, maintenance and warehousing activities. Our expertise ranges from specific solution development to the implementation of large scale process digitization projects.

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At AMIA Sytems, we believe that consulting is not sufficient. Our training goal is to provide you with the tools and methodologies as well as to foster a continuous improvement mindset within your team. Within our transformation projects we have studied and applied many methodologies all the while training many teams from management to floor level.

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