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AMIA’s Operational Excellence

Our Lean Manufacturing Consulting guides towards logistical and financial benefits. By combining proven methodologies and innovative solutions, our consultants guide our clients to go one step further into the continuous improvement and in the facilitation of the reorganization

Changing is complex. Manufacturing operations are complex. People are complex.

Our Expertise and SIMOGGA

Our software solutions have been developed to overcome these difficulties and simplify your process of change. However, other companies, maybe yours, wish to be guided and helped throughout change. At AMIA Systems, we set up Consulting activities. Why so? Each partnership we have had gave us insights, data and expertise on how to manage and efficiently trigger change. 

By combining proven methodologies and innovative solutions, our consultants guide our partners to go one step further into the continuous improvement and facilitation of the reorganization.
As consultants, we deliver to our partners:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Efficient change & change management
  • Continuous improvement & Lean consulting
  • Logistical and financial benefits

At AMIA, we believe in methodologies. We value the Lean philosophy for its application in the manufacturing industry and as a great communication tool for those in charge of taking the key decisions. Besides just using lean methodologies (SMED, 5S, Visual solution, Kanban, etc.) on a regular basis, we are also able to train key employees to lean methodologies.

As a proven startup with strong IT capabilities, we have the flexibility to adapt to your problem or your specific needs. We have successfully managed different consulting projects in various fields and requiring specific methodologies such as:

  • Quick Response Manufacturing
  • ISO-norm verification and implementation
  • Cellular optimization
  • Lean manufacturing


We are flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs. Learning by going out of our comfort zone does not scare us. On the contrary, it is what drives us.

Here are some practical examples of common problems we are used to resolving quickly:

  • Improvement of the throughput
  • Adaptation of the production line to market demand
  • Increasing of “on demand” flexibility
  • Flexibility of your production regarding your sales
  • Quality improvement of products
  • Inventory and warehouse optimization
  • Usage optimization of available resources
  • Identification and removal of manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Minimization of production time
  • Minimization of traffic and movement optimization
  • Simplification of the logistic flows
  • Reduction of the workload

Some of our common used methodologies:
Lean (SMED, 5S, Visual solution, Kanban …), QRM and Cellular, ISO, …

Are you willing to change?

Our team is awaiting your signal to start working on your problem. Get in touch with us in order to better define how we can help you accelerate the tricky process of change within your manufacturing operations.
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