Team and values

Our vision

Our goal is to help companies to improve their performance and results by triggering and championing change thanks to easy-to-use software solutions and consultancy. AMIA Systems is a Belgian-based spin-off from Université libre de Bruxelles which has developed SIMOGGA softwares.

Our values

Passion: We are agile, dynamic and optimistic. We are motivated and excited by new challenges. We pride ourselves on developing our own innovative approach and solutions.

Respect: To us, being respectful to our partners and colleagues is a key attitude to be successful. We consider our clients as real partners in order to bring innovation and improvement to their operations. This relationship building maximizes results as it allows us to better adapt to their needs.

Sharing creates growth: It is only by sharing our experience that our team can grow and evolve. It is the combination between our diversified profiles that generates creativity and innovation, both essential factors to build our solutions.

The team

Emmanuelle Vin

Emmanuelle Vin
Founder and CEO of AMIA Systems

AMIA is the result of thirteen years or research through a thesis and a spin-off project subsidized by Innoviris. With her PhD in engineering science and her degree in management from the Ecole Centrale of Paris, she is the mind behind SIMOGGA. This dynamic founder aims to make AMIA the perfect link between the production researches and their application in the industry.

Sales & Marketing

 Abdelkrim Boujraf
Co-founder of AMIA Systems

Also known as the man behind the company that develops and sells StratEx, a project management software. Abdelkrim has more than fifteen years of experience in consultancy for the public administration and the European commission. Additionally, Abdelkrim is the proud owner of a MBA from Solvay Brussels School, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and another in Human Sciences.

IT Team
philippe van damme

Philippe Van Damme
Co-founder and Software Developer

Philippe joined AMIA Systems during his end-of-studies internship at the ESI. After a four months’ internship, he became the first employee of the spin-off and he’s also one of its co-founder. Since he joined the team, he went on pushing forward the development of SIMOGGA and created its user-interface with Qt. He’s also an amateur writer and a web editor for the biggest manga-focused French website.


Adrianna Domanowska
Software developer

Adrianna, like Philippe, joined AMIA Systems after her end-of-studies internship at the ESI. She started with the objective to develop a function for the automatic positioning of machines on a plane. It was the starting point that encouraged her to follow different projects based on Genetic Algorithms. She likes participating in Virtual Reality and hackathon events.

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