SIMOGGA Layout Design


SIMOGGA Layout Design

A graphical LEAN tool to visualize, quantify and optimize factory layout design based on global flow analysis

Cell Formation

Layout and flows analysis

Dynamic Spaghetti Diagram


Decrease traffic within the production unit by 10 to 30%


Collaborate information about the factory’s production


Awaken the reactivity to market demands


Decrease Workload in the factory by creation of product families

Your benefits

  • From macro to micro: set global data and progressively increase the granularity
  • Accelerate management decision-making process
  • Support the Lean Methodology by automaticly analysing the Spaghetti Diagram and Dynamic VSM 
  • Support Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) methods by defining the product families and forming the cells to easily manage the factory (Cellular Manufacturing)
  • Support Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) by simplifying the process of layout creation (Site, blow-ck and detailed layout) in all-in-one
  • Eliminate waste during production and reduce Lead Time
  • Increase overall plant productivity 
  • Analyze the different flows (products, operators, supply, waste…)
  • Reduce distance traveled by personal or material handling
  • Simulate the plan throughput
  • Reduce inventory


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In the showcased video, we quickly describe the process used to design the factory in the tool and to reorganize the layout in the most optimal way.

If you would like to have more information or understand how to fully solve a case with SIMOGGA; We recommend you to watch one of our video tutorials.

Tuto video

More about SIMOGGA Layout Design

Discreet production environment

High mix, low volume

Great complexity (in process and flow)

Integrating a large human capital component (high expertise)

2D factory layouts to facilitate the understanding

Multi-scenarios and dashboards to compare the different alternatives

Automatic optimization of the layout to target the best solution

Incremental transformation by building manually your own good solution

collaborative approach to facilitate management change

Data and Building

  • Use a simple picture of the factory blueprint to design the layout
  • Optimize cell formation with a genetic algorithm
  • Quickly identify machines operating below or above their capacity
  • Create your own filters (by-products, machines, operators, product families)

Analysis and Result

  • Compare the scenarios within a dashboard
  • Analyze aisles congestions and direct connections between machines
  • Build and test any layout solutions thanks to the great interactivity
  • Review the layout taking into account all the part-mix ratios, not Pareto because 20% of the products will generate 80% of perturbations
  • The customer extracts his data from his ERP (or another database) to fill in an Excel sheet and a macro is used to transform it into an “xml file”
  • The data can also directly be collected or changed through the SIMOGGA user interface
  • The user creates the As-Is situation with SIMOGGA and the data is validated thanks to the visual view
  • The user analyzes the data using SIMOGGA solutions to generate an efficient factory layout
    • A graphical view to make the flow analysis without any constraints (technical, historical or cultural)
    • A factory view to design the layout and to improve the factory layout
    • A “quick compare” scenario interface to test and validate the changes of the production (demand variation, new product, new mix product…)
    • A high interactivity rate to capture the input of the operators and create a consensus
  • The plant manager chooses the solution that fits his needs
  • The changes are explained and discussed in a collaborative way with each actor involved

Those steps can be done by the customer independently or using AMIA Systems’ expertise and consultancy

SIMOGGA is based on Qt framework and has been tested on the following platforms: 

Microsoft Windows 10, x86-32 and x64

Microsoft Windows 8.1, x86-32 and x64

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, x86-32 and x64

Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, x86-32 and x64

Apple Mac OS X 10.9 (Maverick) or later, Universal

SIMOGGA may also be installed on other platforms not included in this list (such as other Mac OS or Windows distributions), but we cannot guarantee its full platform compatibility.

SIMOGGA installation requires 300MB of free disk space. We recommend having 4GB of memory and modern processor for optimal performance. The mouse is typically preferable to touchpad for graphical editing.

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