SIMOGGA Analytics

SIMOGGA Analytics

SIMOGGA Analytics is a software solution specifically dedicated to the warehouses, to improve the efficiency of the site. Feeding on the data from the WMS our ERP, it transforms these huge amount of data in a visual representation to easily achieve complex analysis and take the right decision anytime.

simogga all in one

  • Visualize, quantify and optimize the flows in the warehouse
  • Visualize and optimize the stock locations of the products
  • Decrease the arduousness of the work
  • Identify the sources of improvements

Human Benefits

  • Easily identify problems and create various solutions
  • Accelerate the decision-making process and increase collaboration
  • Reduce the arduousness of the work
  • Increase of the agility by anticipating the variation of load and reacting against aleas
  • Involve the teams thanks to the easy to use

Users Benefits

  • Support the Lean team by quantifying the benefits of the improvement suggestions (Costs/Benefits analysis)
  • Support the logistical team by offering a global view of the warehouse (flows and product rotations) and its efficiency
  • Support the strategy by simulating picking strategies before implementing the best one (thanks to the comprehensive and operational parameters)
  • Support the business controller by offering visual KPIs (efficiency by sectors, by operators…)


  • Create easily and quickly the layout with thousands of stock locations (based on templates)
  • Create your own filters (by products, machines, operators, product families)
  • Create product families (Product Flow Analysis, ROC, Similarities)
  • Modify all parameters of the schedule on the fly
  • View detailed information on each Location/Product/Worker (usage and the evolution over time: Average, Tendency, Variation…)

Analysis and results

  • Simplify the flow analysis using filters to decrease the complexity
  • Analyze the aisles congestion and remove it by changing the layout
  • Quickly identify product locations with low, medium or high rotation
  • Visualize highlighted rows concentrating the best improvements
  • Quantify the required human resources to reach the goals
  • Compare multiples KPIs (Arduousness, kilometers, product rotation, Potential of improvements, standard picking time, etc.)
  • Show multiple graphs representing each KPI
  • Quickly compare multiple scenarios, data and results
  • Export files and results in CSV, JPG, PNG
  1. The customer extracts their data from an ERP/WMS (or another database) to fill in an Excel sheet to be transformed it into an “xml file”
    • The data can be directly collected or changed through the SIMOGGA user interface
    • The design of the layout is build in the Layout view to define the different storage and product location
  2. The data and its reliability can be validated thanks to the visual view of flows and storages
  3. Based on the historical picking data, the user creates the As-Is situation with SIMOGGA to analyse the current KPIs
    • The As-Is view offers the flow analysis and an evaluation of all the KPIs (Arduousness, kilometers, efficiency…)
    • The transport time is computed by the simulator (based on the layout) to extract the real picking time (by zones and workers)
  4. The user is guided in SIMOGGA to reach improvements and simulate various scenarios to generate an efficient warehouse
    • A “quick compare” scenario interface to test and validate the changes in the warehouse (Product location, layout modification, pickting strategy, demand variation, new products, new investment…)
    • A high interactivity rate to capture the input of the operators and create a consensus
  5. The improvements can be spread over time and follow the reality on the field by inserting new data

SIMOGGA is based on Qt framework and has been tested on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 10, x86-32 and x64
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1, x86-32 and x64
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, x86-32 and x64
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, x86-32 and x64
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.9 (Maverick) or later, Universal

SIMOGGA may also be installed on other platforms not included in this list (such as other Mac OS or Windows distributions), but we cannot guarantee its full platform compatibility.
SIMOGGA installation requires 300MB of free disk space. We recommend to have 4GB of memory and modern processor for optimal performance. Mouse is typically preferable to touchpad for graphical editing.


If you want to have more information or to understand how to fully improve a warehouse with SIMOGGA analytics we invite you to watch our video tutorials. In the showcased video we describe the process used to improve the picking strategy and decrease the arduousness.

Licensing information?

Multiple types of license are available (fixed, floating, renting by jetton or period). If you want more information about one of these options and if you are interested in taking advantage of our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or by phone. We will be please to talk with you on how we could help.

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