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SIMOGGA is an innovative and interactive software dedicated to simplify your work to improve your efficiency.
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Our mission

AMIA Systems is an IT company developing its own software, SIMOGGA, to visualize, quantify and optimize the operations of Production plants, Maintenance sites, Distribution centers or Warehouses. Our goals?

  • Remove the complexity of the analysis,
  • Involve your teams to facilitate the change management,
  • Accelerate the process of change and Simplify your work
Who we are

We deliver software solutions

  • SIMOGGA Layout design : A 2D CAD solution to visualize, quantify and optimize the facility layout.
  • SIMOGGA Planner : An Advanced Planning & Scheduling solution (APS) to optimize your goals, with limited resources under constraints.
  • SIMOGGA Connect : Deliver Overall Equipment Effectivenes (OEE) using Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) giving shop floor transparency based on real-time as well as objective data collected from the machines (Industrial IoT).
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We offer a large expertise combining IT, innovation and operational excellence. 

As your consultants, we guide you through the transition and collaborate with all your stakeholders in order to facilitate change.

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We empower your teams by training them to use the SIMOGGA Solutions at their full capacity. We explain methodologies based on our expertise in order to give you the key on how to continue independently, without any external support.

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Tutorial & videos

As we believe that visualization is often more powerful than words, our videos and tutorials will help you to further discover our approach. Don’t forget to discover our blog to catch a glimpse of our values, expertise and vision.

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Challenge us

Interested? Contact us or have a try at using our products yourself. 

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to build together a real case so that you may personally feel the possibilities of our solutions.

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