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Cases Studies

Case Studies

Rail maintenance

SIMOGGA Layout in combination with SIMOGGA Planner were used to visualize the future layout and simulate the planning based on parameters such as shifts, lot sizes, operations distribution and finite capacity constraints such as human resources or equipment.


1M€ savings! How?
Million savings on improvements (€)
13.5 days
reduction of lead time (days)
increase in load capacity (%)
“We shared the same commitment to get operations moving forward.”
S. Corneillie, Implementation ResponsibleSNCB NMBS
decrease in workflows (%)
decrease in management workload (%)
product families instead of 2000

Aerospace & Defense

The new layouts have been produced our graphical material’ handling system enabling optimization of a factory layout based on a global material flow analysis. SIMOGGA has been used to optimize the functional layouts. The user-friendliness of SIMOGGA has allowed a collaborative approach with all actors implied in the change process.
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90% decrease in Management burden! How?
Cockpit simulator

Steel industry

NLMK management and our consultants partnered to develop and implement a specific track & trace solution allowing to locate and track the plates while assigning efficient storage location. The challenges? Managing the change in an extremely prudent industry as steel, building a strong consensus amongst the stakeholders, proof testing the solution on the floor level and deliver a functional and 100% trustworthy inventory management system.
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Keys to success
  • Design of the solution jointly with all the stakeholders
  • Change management expertise and tools to trigger and accompany behavioral change
  • Logistic & Lean experience and methodologies
  • Ability to demonstrate benefits and adapt to any obstacle
99.9% Inventory reliability! How?
Output capacity increase (%)
Average output time reduction (%)
Inventory reliability (%)

Automotive industry

Our partner, the change management project leader, asked AMIA Systems for help in achieving the goals fixed by the customer. They could fulfill half of the goal with their usual Lean tools and through the use of SIMOGGA they have managed to achieve the project requirement 100%.
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decrease in workflows (%)
working hours saved per year
700 working hours spared! How?
Keys to success
  • Software usability
  • Acceleration of the change process
  • 2D factory layouts everyone can understand
  • Immediate assessment of KPIs
  • Few amount of data needed to perform the analysis
  • Automatic identification of product families
  • Identification of machines that are under or over-capacity