SIMOGGA Layout Design & Planner – Videos

SIMOGGA Layout Design et SIMOGGA Planner are dedicated to the production plant. How to continuously improve your efficiency?

Getting Started with the booklet of SIMOGGA

Start with the visual booklet (download the pdf) or read the full documentation online (here)


Getting Started with SIMOGGA

Discover how to build a new case, optimize the flows, analyze the capacity (with material and human resources) and find/remove bottleneck to achieve the production.

How to solve a complete use case with SIMOGGA?

Discover how to use different functionalities of SIMOGGA from the data, the flow analysis until simulation (capacity and bottleneck detection).

Visualize Quantify Optimize

Discover how to manually represent your factory layout based on your data and actual organization.

Automatic reorganization

Discover how to optimize the alternative layout for your manufacturing operations.

Old videos – Evolution of SIMOGGA analytics

Coming soon…